Yes, I know I’ve already gushed at length about the Marion Foale 3 ply wool. But we got something really special in the mail last week: a handknit sample from Marion Foale Knitting Collection 1, a sweater named Isobel.

This picture hardly captures the color, and certainly obscures the detailed work that went into this piece. You just have to see it in person. The yarn is soft and light, the finishing work is immaculate, and it brings to life a pattern that is undeniably intriguing in the book. Yet another reason to pick up Marion Foale’s Knitting Collection 1, and a fantastic illustration of how her yarn knits up: beautifully.


  1. Anonymous on said:

    >I already have Book One, but no MF yarn. YET! I'm coming to the shop as soon as I can to have a look. I loved this book immediately and bought it in San Francisco – had to have it shipped home to NC.

    Thanks for the nice pictures on the blog.

    Tressa in NC

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