The Weekender KAL: casting on.

Our informal Weekender KAL is underway! Anne and I are knitting “The Weekender,” by Andrea Mowry, and invite you all to join us, casting on and working at your own pace. It’s been just over a week, and we’ve both cast on, worked the bottom hems, and begun knitting the body of the sweater. I’m working with Kelbourne Woolens Scout in “Sunflower Heather,” a sunny stretch for this blue- and gray-loving knitter.

Mowry calls for a tubular cast-on, which makes a tidy, rounded edge on the 1×1 ribbed hem. As in all of knitting, there are many different ways to make a tubular cast-on, and I substituted my favorite method for the one in the pattern. It’s one I encountered in my “Stasis” and “Docklight” sweaters, and the instructions come from Brooklyn Tweed.

Anne used the same tubular cast-on, but modified the split hem so the front and back are the same length, as opposed to the longer back hem shown in the pattern.

She’s working with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in “Soot,” a heathered gray that is right in line with Anne’s favorite and most-worn colors.

We are both loving the ease of this pattern, just cruising through the body, mindlessly knitting stockinette in the round, pausing only for the slip stitch at the center back and center front of the sweater. Sometimes simple is just right, and it seems the simplicity of “The Weekender” has landed at just the right time for each of us!

Are you knitting along with us? What yarn are you using, in what color, and how are you liking the experience? Let us know in the comments, or on Instagram with the hashtag #hysweekenderkal !


  1. shelia springer on said:

    I am going to start my gauge and the pattern suggest that use the biggest needle listed on the pattern. What does that mean? This will be my first sweater. I am using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. Thanks for your help

    • “The Weekender” calls for three different needle sizes, used at different points throughout the project. Work your gauge swatch on the largest suggested needle size, the US 9, and measure your finished, blocked swatch to see if your gauge matches the pattern gauge. If your swatch comes out too small, try again on larger needles (US 10), and if your swatch comes out too big, try again on smaller needles (US 8). Good luck with the swatches and the sweater, and let us know how we can help along the way!

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