Construction in downtown Hillsborough.

As you may have noticed or read on our Facebook page or recent email newsletter, Churton Street is going through some major changes here in Hillsborough. Sidewalks will be widened, crosswalks improved, a new bus stop will be added, and other changes are underway, all with the goal of improved safety in downtown Hillsborough. Along the way, you can expect traffic delays, parking limitations, and access modifications.

As demolition begins on our block this week, we feel especially lucky to have access to the shop through our back door. There’s no on-street parking on our block during construction, so we recommend parking in the free parking deck near Weaver Street Market. From there, walk by the library and cross Margaret Lane, approaching our building from the back alley.

Here’s our back entrance, which has recently been improved with the help of the town planner and our landlord.  There is now a steel plate over the culvert, and a handrail down the brick steps – all of which should help with safe entry through the back door.

Give yourself some extra travel time when you come to Hillsborough, and remember that downtown shops and restaurants are open throughout construction and really appreciate your business!

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