Hello, Shibui Reed.

Today was the first day of Spring, though dropping temperatures and a prediction of snow had us doubtful. Still and all, warm weather is coming, and that means new plant fiber yarns are popping up at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop. Last week, I introduced Shibui Fern, an organic cotton – today, let’s meet Shibui Reed!

Reed is a replacement for (and improvement upon) Shibui’s now-discontinued Linen. The gauge, yardage, fiber content, and structure are all the same: both yarns are fingering weight, chain-plied linen, with 246 yards per 50 gram skein.

The difference is that Reed is softer and more consistent than the Linen that came before, a refinement that came with switching mills.

Reed is ideal for any pattern that calls for Linen – “L.1” and “Otherside” are popular examples – but consider it whenever fingering weight yarns are used and drape is desired. Looking on Ravelry, I saw plenty of “Hitofude” cardigans in Linen or Reed; what a nice warm-weather layer that would make.

Look for Reed in our Fingering weight section here at the shop!


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